Six Word Confession

Let rain wash all your pain Our memories wets my eyes always Your love is all I need Your smile: Unforgettable, Repel my pain Your thoughts takes me to Euphoria You are my oasis of happiness Help!! Can't stop falling for you.   #sixwordstories #Sixwordstories For more six word stories go through this link

Six Word Confessions: Aunty

1. Love wins. Thanks for teaching me. 2. Learn to value feeling of others . 3. Never stop Fighting. Life is Beautiful. 4. Life goes through thick and thins. 5. I love pets. Learned from You. 6. Thanks for inculcating environmentalism to me. 7. You taught me to respect Girls. 8. Many have super-heroes. I … Continue reading Six Word Confessions: Aunty

Six Word Stories 9

1.Some birds can never be caged. 2.I am.i am a freak. 3.Happiness : Lost abilitiy i miss much 4.Friendship: something worth keeping. never found. 5.Love: does it even exist anymore? 6.I didnt know you were funny. 7.Your eyes, not you, said everything. 8.Not same person i was before. 9.Wanna play game? Mind reading game. #sixwordstories … Continue reading Six Word Stories 9

Six Word Story Part 8

1.Thanks for advice. Oh that's free. 2.Somethings are left beter unsaid 3.Hope can drive a man insane 4.Just give me that chance once 5.Cheese.Smile. Photos gonna be uploaded. 6.Post.Like .comment. share.Tweet.retweet. 7.Walls Bridges.same Material. Purpose Different. 8.Remember!!! We were so close once. 9.Heart: pacific ocean love :Bermuda traingle #Sixwordstory #Sixwordstories REBLOG IT IF YOU LIKED … Continue reading Six Word Story Part 8

Six Word Story Part 5

This six stories about the thoughts. Enjoy!!!   1.In finding myself, i got lost. 2.Staring at walls; Infinite thoughts; Life... 3.Cat: Tiger, Human:God, Have Faith 4.Hundred friends thousand Follower Forever Lonely 5.Dreams Shattered. Everything looted.hope remains. 6.Phoenix rises from her own ashes. 7.Stabbed. Broken.Depressed.Yet i Breathe. 8.Wrong Men.she thought herself unfortunate. 9.Tears trickled.Eyes wet. No … Continue reading Six Word Story Part 5

Six Word Story Part 3

  These are random six word stories from my own. 1. ¬†Graffiti: Stories Government doesn't bother Listening. 2. Drinks: Placebo; Pot: Placebo; Love: Medicine 3. Same Cliche Pale Old Love Story. 4. Attention. Isolation. In need of all. 5.Fettered by past. We lost future. 6.Cradle to Grave College. Grade. Jobs 7. Grapevine. Grapevine. Grapevine. Vector … Continue reading Six Word Story Part 3