Route of Top Echelon of Prosperity

‘Hey, What are you painting, boy?’ I asked him sneaking at the drawing he was concealing. Timid as he was, Manoj swayed the paper towards me. Mesmerising!!!  I hurriedly called Richa Neupane (my friend and classmate) and Bindu sisteri. They couldn’t take their eyes off so was with Nabin and Anju.   Clouds floating in … Continue reading Route of Top Echelon of Prosperity


Earthquake relief camp : Rasuwa, Nepal

On 29 May 2015, our team of 22 along with ever inspiring  Dr. Hom Basnet sir, Department head of Microbiology (Agriculture and Forestry University), went to Rasuwa to execute our earthquake relief camp. Early morning we packed the relief materials which encompass peas, beans, pulses, iodine content salt, glucose and lactose for mothers/children, T-shirts (thanks … Continue reading Earthquake relief camp : Rasuwa, Nepal

Peace as i Know

  I gasped some courage and sneaked out through the window, dragging the curtain little bit. Outside the tempestuous storm was sweeping away everything. People were aghast at continuous downpour coupled with thunderbolt. Stormcloud of rattled feelings loomed inside my head. The massive shake  few days back left us tensed and anxious. But we didn’t … Continue reading Peace as i Know