Accidental Discovery : From Carbondioxide to Ethanol

We are used to different accidental discoveries that have changed the world in many ways. The terms for such accidental yet fortune happening is knows as Serendipty. Newton's famous gravity law inspired from falling apple, Pasteur's Chirality, Chicken Cholera Vaccine, Nobel's blasting gelatin and prominently Viagra are few examples which have tremendously changed human civilization. … Continue reading Accidental Discovery : From Carbondioxide to Ethanol


Call for abstracts: Mountains in the Changing World

Call for abstracts The conference on Mountains in the Changing World (#MoChWo) will focus on a broad range of topics related to mountain ecosystem and sustainable livelihood. We invite you to submit abstracts for following conference tracks. Disasters, resilience, and adaptation Biodiversity conservation Climate change Environmental pollution Forest management Soil, water and atmospheric research Agriculture … Continue reading Call for abstracts: Mountains in the Changing World

Honey Bee Products

Honeybees and human civilization has strong connotation since the early time. Honeybess have been used for different purposes to satisfy the man’s need and make a prosperous civilization. Most of the honeybee products can be classified into two types: Animal Origin and Plant origin. Animal origin honey products include: Royal Jelly Bee Wax Beebread Bee … Continue reading Honey Bee Products

Cleanliness Program at Bharatpur-11

  On june 3,2015 I got a call from Birendra brother, giving me invitation to cleanliness program. Without any second thought, I said ‘yes’. So I along with Bindu di collaborated with Nepalese Friendship Society , Bharatpur Sub Metropolitan City and Eo club of Narayani Public School   On June 4,2015 at dawn we gathered … Continue reading Cleanliness Program at Bharatpur-11

Fossil Free Transport

  I would like to share refreshing news that has boosted up ‘Go Green’ concept of Chitwan. It has been almost more than months since we are having this ‘Danfe’ moving around at roads of Bharatpur City.   ‘Danfe’ ,which is actually a local name for newly adopted public transport means, looks like medevial-horse-cart except … Continue reading Fossil Free Transport

Clean Up Nepal Cleanlines Campaign

Its was on dawn of 19th September2015, saturday (weekend in case of Nepal), we youths from Chitwan and Nawalparasi all come together at Narayani Beach for our Cleanliness campaign.  2015 Nationwide cleanliness campaign was the third version of Clean Up Nepal. Our site co-ordinator was very own brother Birendra Poudel. The onset of the program … Continue reading Clean Up Nepal Cleanlines Campaign

Plastic Recycling Project: “Suiro Project”

There is no doubt our planet can now be synonymously termed “Plastic Planet”. With obsession for plastic rising steeply, there will come a time when we will be able to observe Plastic Island easily.  With very few recycling projects running on and less consumer being eco-aware about the concept, likelihood of recycling plastic is minimum. … Continue reading Plastic Recycling Project: “Suiro Project”