Second Leo Model United Nation

It was yet another pleasant moment to be part of it, to be the organizer and lead another MUN session. Yes, just after a month of our first LeoMUN ver 1.0, our team launched LeoMUN ver 2.0 at National Level. Conducted between April 15-16, 2016 Chitwan Central Leo of which I am Charter Secretary launched … Continue reading Second Leo Model United Nation


Initating MUN 

MUN for newbies seem all confusing but for those who have got experience of it know how awesome and addictive this is. MUN is abbreviations of Model United Nation,  simulation  of United Nation. It's an excellent academic platform to get insight of global delegation,  learn different procedures  of United Nation. It's best platform to understand … Continue reading Initating MUN 

MUN Workshop!!!

  Inspired by the tremendous success and overwhelming demand for next MUN session, our Chitwan Central Leo organized “MUN Workshop”. This workshop was primilenarily targeted to all those youths who were interested into MUN and its parliamentary procedure. Workshop was carried out in 14th April, 2016 at Conference Hall, Agriculture and Forestry University,Nepal. Participants were … Continue reading MUN Workshop!!!